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Aeration Technology

Fine-Bubble Membrane Aeration


MBR aeration system
Typical configuration of the the MBR aeration system:
stirrer and pipe aerators (constructed as removable grids)

fine-bubble aeration
Fine-bubble aeration

  • Membrane aeration is the traditional way for oxygen input of biological treatment plants.
  • Biogest International developed a combined equipment for activated sludge tanks, which contains special membrane aerators (located at the tank bottom) and one or more stirrers (system code: MBR aeration technology) for perfect performance of nitrification and denitrification.
  • Membrane aerators are available as pipes, circular discs or hoses (with stainless steel frame). The final mode of equipment will be decided upon the project conditions (tank shape, wastewater analysis etc.)
  • The stirrers are time-tested constructions, preferably designed as HyperClassic®-mixers but also as vertically or horizontally installed propellers.
  • Our MBR equipment (incl. first-class blowers) delivers high oxygen transfer rates, a proper Alpha (α)-factor (> 0.7) and efficiency rates of not less than 3.0 kgO2/kWh (standard cond.)


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