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Aeration Technology

“HyperClassic®” (Aeration and Mixing)


Hyperboloid I
“HyperClassic®”-stirring and aeration system
in a SBR-tank

Hyperboloid II
“HyperClassic®”-stirring and aeration system

For more information:
PDF file (Portable Document Format)  MIXING
PDF file (Portable Document Format)
PDF file (Portable Document Format)  GENERAL
PDF file (Portable Document Format)  DRAWING “M.”
PDF file (Portable Document Format)  DRAWING “M.+A.”
  • A convincing alternative to surface aeration: patented submersed stirrer
  • Fine bubble aeration due to mechanical air bubble dispersion (coarse air bubble input under the mixing unit)
  • No danger of blockage, membrane-breaking or reduction of oxygen capacity
  • “Mixing” (denitrification) and “Aeration” (nitrification) are possible as alternatives
  • High ground speed prevents any settling at the tank bottom
  • Oxygen input capacity: up to 120 kgO2/h per unit
  • Oxygen efficiency up to 2.5 kgO2/kWh. Alpha (α)-value ca. 0.9 (domestic wastewater)
  • Nearly maintenance-free gear-drives (only one oil change every year)


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