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Biological Treatment

Fixed Film Technology (HOK)


HOK-active carbon
Miscroscopical view of the HOK-active carbon

Tétouan, Morocco
HOK-WWTP of a big legware manufacturer in Morocco

  • Patented biological treatment concept for high polluted industrial wastewater
  • Combination of biological process, adsorption and filtration in one reactor
  • By use of a specially produced activated carbon (HOK) the reactivating of the coke is performed by the biological process. No frequent replacement of the HOK-bed is required.
  • Extremely simple, uncomplicated operation
  • No sludge bulking or similar problems (well known from granty clarifiers) could occur
  • Very low sludge production, good dewatering characteristics of the backwashed sludge
  • Very low requirement for plant service (operation does not require skilled personnel)
  • Also available as containerised plants for smaller capacities (up to 100-150 kg CSB/d)


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