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Chemical-Physical Wastewater Treatment

High Performance Flotation Systems


Flotation Plant
View at a Flotation Plant

Flotation Plant in Lonza, Switzerland
Flotation Plant in Lonza, Switzerland

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PDF file (Portable Document Format)  DESCRIPTION
  • For efficient separation of floating and settling solids
  • Perfect use for pre-treatment of industrial wastewater
  • Circular flotation systems according to the present design are the result of thousands of successful installations in nearly all industrial fields
  • Completely constructed out of stainless steel
  • Different sizes from Ø 1.5 m up to 22 m
  • For hydraulic loads up to 2,500 m³/h
  • For indoor or outdoor installations
  • “All-in” delivery possible: including dosing systems for flocculants, incl. control panel and incl. connecting pipes and cables
  • Delivery as assembly package for customers installation or turn-key performance by us


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