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Chemical-Physical Wastewater Treatment

Grey Water Recycling Systems


Kempinski Hotel in Beijing, China
Grey water recycling plant of the Kempinski Hotel in Beijing, China

  • Recycling plants for wastewater of hotels etc. originating in bathes, showers, washing dishes, laundry and similar low polluted systems,
  • Reuse of the treated wastewater for toilet water, car-wash, irrigation and cooling circuits
  • Double filtration systems with special filter media for perfect polishing of the processed grey water.
  • Fully automatic run of the treatment plant.
  • Compact structure, easy to install even under cramped space conditions.
  • Operation reference: Kempinski Hotel in Beijing, China. Reuse for toilet flushing.

(Greywater is also sometimes spelled: graywater, grey water or gray water and is also known as sullage.)


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