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Pre-Treatment of Wastewater

Fine Screens and Rakes


step screen, “Steinberg-Deckenhardt”, Germany
Fine screen with integrated dewatering zone

WWTP “Amreya”, Egypt
Double-Station for domestic wastewater (1,000 m³/h)

For more information:
PDF file (Portable Document Format)  SPIRAL SCREEN
PDF file (Portable Document Format)  STEP SCREEN
  • Usable for solids-separation from wastewater (domestic and industrial)
  • High separation rate by use of small slots or holes in the screen (3-8 mm)
  • Automatic transport of the separated solids away from the screening zone
  • Dewatering of the separated solids included
  • Installation in concrete channels or in stainless steel casings possible
  • Useable for indoor and outdoor installation (freeze proof)
  • Different sizes for hydraulic loads up to 300 l/s
  • Automatic, level depending operation. Controlled by local switch board


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